The Associated Press released an article about WWE and their 20th anniversary of Monday Night RAW. The article includes quotes from Paul Heyman and Jerry Lawler. Here are highlights:

Heyman on watching WCW and WWE at the same time, and WWE's Attitude Era: "We were editing the ECW television show. We had 'Nitro' on one monitor and 'Raw,' on the other. When I saw Steve (confront) Mike Tyson, I realized we have entered into a new era and Steve Austin is leading the way."

CM Punk on why RAW is successful: "It's successful because it changes with the times. It's not just a wrestling show, it's a complete spectacle."

Jerry Lawler on being the voice of the show and calling more matches than anyone else: "I'm the voice of the fans. I just try and react to what I see like most of the fans would."