The Bella Twins recently spoke about with Busted Open Radio their new Total Divas reality show and more. Check out the highlights:

On how was it to have personal moments filmed for TV for Total Divas:

Nikki: "Right well that's the one thing that's going to be amazing about Total Divas is they do capture these real moments that we have in our life that you usually keep so private and now the whole world's gonna see it. And you know I actually like it cause some people can learn from those real moments and they can actually relate to us. Which is awesome and like that moment with John (Cena), here this one's (Brie) ring shopping and gets me all excited and I just want to start talking about things. I mean I'm a woman, can you blame me? I found the man of my dreams so I wanna, you know just lock him down."

Brie: "Well and I think that's the cool thing too about WWE and E! collaborating on this project is that the WWE Universe is gonna be so excited to see their superstars and divas interacting together. But I think the great thing with the E! audience is that they're gonna be introduced to not only to the superstars and divas but they're gonna see these real relationships which is what the E! audience loves."

On one thing we'll learn about Daniel Bryan and John Cena from Total Divas:

Nikki: "I mean I don't know if we should give it away. I think you kind of got to tune in and see what you'll learn."

Brie: "I think one thing with Daniel and myself that you'll see is that I think people are going to be shocked how long we've been together. And how serious we are. Cause I think—you know we never came out, we just kind of let our relationship come out as people saw us more together. But I think when people tune in to Total Divas they will be shocked to see how far along and where Bryan and I are at in our lives. And I think the WWE Universe especially will be like, What?! And the E! audience will just love it."

Nikki: "And I guess with John, you'll definitely get to see a sensitive side of him. I think everyone's always seen the superhero, now you're going get to see him as a real person. And in a relationship so I think the WWE Universe will actually really enjoy seeing that."

On the state of the Diva's division and if they love being pro wrestlers or entertainers:

Brie: "We love entertaining but we love being pro wrestlers. Like Nikki and I when we left in that 11 months, all we could think about was how much we missed the ring. Like we love being in there, we love trying to come up with new things. We just love wrestling. It's something that we just are so addicted to and you know the fun thing I think what you get to see from The Bella Twins a lot is we don't do the same things all the time. We're always doing something different and we just hope like with Total Divas that it's going to bring more storylines. Not just for two divas but for all of the roster. And all of the divas having great storylines, seeing us more in the ring. And that's why it's like we want people to always come out to WWE Live because the divas do get 10 minute matches Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So that's why we're always like everyone come see us at WWE Live because you'll actually gonna really see the action of the divas. But we love wrestling. "

On Nikki's injury:

Nikki: "So it's a—I have a stress fracture in my right tibia. And I've already been on crutches for five weeks, I have three weeks left. And then four weeks after that I'll just have to you know be careful with it and see the growth of the bone and what I can do."

On how the injury happened:

Nikki: "It was over time. Just wrestling and hiding an injury which was lesson learned that the minute you feel pain get something checked out. And I just wanted to keep on going and not be sidelined and you get to the point that you just can't keep going anymore, your leg just stops."

On their hiatus last year:

Brie: "Well we just you know, we were going five years strong and I just think too like we just thought ok let's take a break because we never took a break. We went...