The final rating for the Wednesday debut of iMPACT! Wrestling is in. The show scored a 0.65 (0.7) cable rating, which is down from the 0.96 (1.0) cable rating the show drew last week in its regular timeslot on Thursday night.

The show had an average audience of 852,000, down from last week's 1.126 million viewers. It's pretty safe to say that the change of nights on only one week's notice hurt the number. Both TNA and SpikeTV expected a big drop during the first week and the hope is that the numbers will rise back up to normal levels once fans become aware that the show has moved timeslots. It should be noted that many viewers were unaware that the show had moved to Wednesday night's as many of them were on Twitter asking where iMPACT! Wrestling was last night. Here are just a few of the many comments from fans on Twitter last night:

"why isnt Impact wrestling on 8/21/14"

"what happened to all of the tna stars"

"no tna impact for 8-21-2014"

We should have a clearer idea of how the show will perform on the new night after 4-6 weeks.