Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- We've got a VERY busy few days ahead once again this week. We had the WWE TLC pay-per-view last night followed by the live RAW and Superstars tapings + post-TLC and RAW news today. Tomorrow then has the SmackDown, Superstars and NXT tapings as well as WZR Radio. Please be sure to check back in as often as possible. We'll likely top last week in terms of how busy it will be. Thanks for your continued support of the website!

-- John Cena was backstage at the WWE TLC PPV last night. The decision to not use him was creative related, and he was not injured. The company wanted to use the time to focus on other talents and Cena's storyline with Kane will continue on RAW. As noted earlier, Kane is backstage at RAW and will appear tonight to further the current storyline.

-- The Chicago Sun-Times has an interview up with The Miz, which you can read at Here is an excerpt, comparing WWE Divas to reality show girls… "I just brought a WWE Diva home to my parents, and they loved her. MTV makes sure they pick out girls that are off their rocker, so there are more meltdowns. No thanks on that one."

-- Here is a video promo for the UWF’s Thug Assassins PPV: