Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to several sources, WWE had two plans in place for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30 when he first joined The Wyatt Family two weeks ago on RAW. The first idea had him going into WrestleMania still being a member of The Wyatt Family while the second had him going back to being a full-fledged babyface before the big pay-per-view event. As far as the babyface option was concerned, there was no solid plan in place on how it would be done but it was definitely not planned to take place just two weeks after he joined The Wyatt Family,

As far as the babyface idea was concerned, a Daniel Bryan face turn at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view would have set up a D-Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt match at WrestleMania 30. The other plan was that he would go into WtestleMania as part of The Wyatt Family and then turn on Bray during a tag-team match featuring Bray and Daniel. This would have obviously guaranteed Bryan a huge babyface reaction at the pay-per-view. Obviously, this didn't happen as they rushed things and turned Daniel Bryan back to being a babyface on RAW this past Monday.

According to several WWE sources, the company was "100% fully embarrassed" by the footage that came out featuring the Michigan State crowd all chanting "YES!" during a recent game. The footage aired all over ESPN and other sports outlets just days after WWE had turned him heel. WWE wanted to run with the angle they had originally planned but "when you have a whole college arena doing "YES!" chants and most likely others will, plus NFL stars in the post-season doing it," the company felt that they needed to turn him back to being a babyface ASAP. This shows you how seriously WWE takes getting the national media and press talking about them and their storylines.