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The Rock
Dwayne Douglas Johnson
  • Birthdate: 05/02/1972 (age 42)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 260 Ib

Johnson was a college football player for the U...

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-- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, starring the Rock, is currently 76% ahead of the pace set by Journey to the Center of the Earth in early international grosses. The film, which will release in the US next weekend, has $26.5 million which includes $6.6 million in Korea and $5.6 million in Australia. The film has also opened in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan and New Zealand so far and has been heavily promoted by its stars in those countries and others.

-- Speaking of The Rock, he said in a recent Q&A that he's not a fan of most films starring wrestlers. When asked if he's ever seen a film starring a wrestler that he enjoyed, he answered: "[Long pause] "The only film I've enjoyed starring a wrestler was Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. That's it."