Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appeared on the KQRS 92.5-FM morning show on Thursday to promote "The Hero" television show.

-Rock laughed at a conversation the hosts were having to start the appearance. Terri Traen told him that it sounded like a fake laugh. Host Tom Barnard had no idea that Rock's father and grandfather were pro wrestlers. Rock also spoke about their history.

-Rock mentioned that he played for the University of Miami. Bob Sansevere asked if Warren Sapp has called him for a loan. Rock noted that Sapp beat him out for the starting defensive line spot at Miami. "Whose laughing now?" Sansevere asked.

-Rock was on the show to promote a casting call for "The Hero" in Minneapolis. Rock said the reality shows he enjoys most are "Survivor" and "The Biggest Loser." He said he met with the makers of both shows and the end result was "The Hero." Rock will be at Mall of America on November 3.

-Rock was asked to tell his favorite joke. He said he just heard a good one yesterday. He said he's a hell of a golfer and he he hit two great ball on the course...when he stepped on a rake.

-Rock said he felt no pressure to be a wrestler. He said he liked the showmanship and the bad guys. He said he fell in love with football and played for ten years before getting into pro wrestling.

-Barnard told a funny story about Baron Von Raschke appearing on the show in the past. He said Baron had a Southern accent and was mild mannered, but then he would flip the switch and use his wrestling character's voice.

-Rock spoke about meeting Minnesota wrestling personalities Verne Gagne, Greg Gagne, Brad Rheingans, Curt Hennig, and "my good buddy Brock Lesnar."