The rock
The Rock
Dwayne Douglas Johnson
  • Birthdate: 05/02/1972 (age 43)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 260 Ib

Johnson was a college football player for the U...

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Credit: The Toronto Sun

According to a report out of the UK, The Rock stopped a robbery on the set of Fast Six. Rock reportedly caught sight of a group trying to break into vans containing expensive equipment during the shoot in East London. Rock was dressed in his FBI gear for the shoot, and charged the group of men and chased them off. A source had the following to say about the situation…

"It was so funny. The Rock looked like an action hero because he had his flak jacket on and an FBI badge in his hand. All of a sudden there was loads of gunfire and this giant dressed as a copper (police officer) was about to mow them down. The lads jumped out of their skin and scarpered (ran off) down the canal path and left the crew in peace. Now the crew are joking that they should drop security and just have The Rock do it."