Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Ahtu was injured during the final ECW Arena show when he got legit knocked out by Low Ki in the first spot of the show. Low Ki has reportedly made amends with Gabe Sapolsky in regard to their issues after Low Ki left WWE, but it has taken a while for them to work out a return. As reported, he will be working with Dragon Gate USA full-time. Also coming back will be Sabu, who will do more matches and appearances to follow up on the Sami Callihan angle. There are no current plans to use other former ECW talent at this time, though Finlay will be back for a program with Jon Davis.

-- The show was the EVOLVE's biggest gate and attendance by far. The DVD is already in production.

-- Sandman was scheduled for the show, but couldn't attend due to personal issues. The plan was to do a run-in with a full entrance, beer and all, before going to the Callahan angle.

-- Johnny Gargano's injury at the ECW Arena send-off show over the weekend happened after the first spot in the match and he worked the whole of the bout injured, as he didn't want to let down the audience by delivering a supbar "last main event" in the arena as well as his first title defense. He was reportedly in heavy pain but as previously reported, he was released from the hospital the day after the show. A CT scan has been done on him but they haven't pinpointed the cause of the injury yet.

-- Johnny Gargano posted the following to his Twitter account, talking about his injury suffered at EVOLVE 10 which he said was his back and pelvis. He also talks about how he can't remember much of the match and his rwaction when he arrived at the hospital. Check it out below:

Alright. Here goes.. I'll give you guys a basic synopsis of everything that went down with my injury. On January 1st I wrestled a show in WV.. I sorta tweaked my back/pelvis in that match.. It hurt.. but I figured it'd be alright. It nagged at me for a bit, but I figured it was something I could work through. No big deal. On Saturday.. I don't know.. something just felt weird. My whole body was cramping up. I drank a ton of water, and thought I was just dehydrated. My lower back/abdomen started to swell. Every time I'd stretch or bend forward, a sharp twinge would go down both my legs. Needless to say.. I was scared out of my mind. I KNEW how big the match was, and what I needed to do. I just wasn't sure if my body would cooperate. I briefed Chuck Taylor on the situation and even had him bring out some water to the ring, just in case. It was probably the most nervous/dread I'd ever felt before a match. Not due to the situation.. but due to the uncertainty of my body.

I don't remember much of the match, honestly. I remember that within the first 2 minutes, my legs stopped working. I couldn't feel them. Just walking became a chore. I couldn't raise my legs, or even bend down. The pain was indescribable.. but I knew I couldn't stop. We went 25 more minutes.. and I took A LOT of stupid bumps. Was that a dumb decision? Maybe.. but it's not in my DNA to just give up. The match had a lot of hype, and being put in that spot meant the world to me. My mind was willing, but my body just wasn't capable, sadly.

As soon as the match ended, and the bit of adrenaline I had wore off.. All of my strength was gone. No more walking, no more moving.. just pain. They told me to stay in the ring and wait for medical attention and I remember saying "No! Get me out, there's one more segment. The shows not over, get me out so they can do it". They carried me to the back, and as soon as I went through the curtain, I collapsed.

A lot of thoughts were running through my head. Was I paralyzed? Am I going to wrestle again? I honestly didn't know. I hate hospitals, and needles, but the pain was unbearable. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital (first time I'd ever been in an ambulance, by the way). They put an IV in me (another first).. and filled me up with pain meds, etc. This is where I start to get groggy. Gabe stopped by, but I was already unconscious. They gave me a CAT scan which turned out okay. I randomly...