-- The official attendance at WrestleMania 28 was 78,363. As expected, there was a HUGE walk-up over the weekend.

-- Former WWE Superstar John Morrison's upcoming wrestling tour of Qatar for Qatar Pro Wrestling has been moved from late April to May 17-19.

-- During Dave Finlay's time with WWE, he was in charge of training the company's female performers for wrestling matches. In a newly published interview with Power Slam, Finlay was asked to give his take on the flatulence angle SmackDown Diva Natalya has been saddled with.

"Well, I haven't seen that, but I've been told about it. Yes, I agree," he says in response to interviewer Greg Lambert labeling it extremely distasteful. "Had that been presented to me [as SmackDown producer], I'd have said... erm... Well, she may be comfortable with it. I don't know,

"Look, I see the girls as wrestlers, personalities and friends. They are great people. Before she retired, Michelle McCool was an awesome girl and wrestler. Layla too. It's heartbreaking to see [the girls] not getting to where they want to get to. Natalya is a very sweet girl and a talented wrestler."