-- Thursday night's episode of iMPACT! did a 1.00 (1.0) cable rating, with 1.49 million viewers. That rating is up slightly from a 0.97 last week and is the highest viewership since May 10th. The show ranked #36 among cable shows for the night in overall viewers, #18 among males 18 - 34 and #17 among males 18 - 49. All the demo ratings were below the early average but above recent weeks.

-- As noted late last night here on the website, TNA's Bully Ray has launched a Twitter account via @REALBully5150

-- The group that attacked Sting on iMPACT! Wrestling a few weeks ago launched an account as well via @TheAcesAnd8s The account will be used as part of the storyline.

-- Marc Kruskol passed this along:

Scott Fishman / Miami Herald interviewed Christopher Daniels.


"Guys like Eric [Bischoff] and Jason Hervey have come to us with a more fresh and on-the-fly way of doing it, rather than just giving us a script. I feel like it has helped us sharpen our skills. I'll be walking backstage, and all of a sudden, Jason will come up to me with a camera asking questions. You are answering right off the top of your head, and it's a more realistic feeling. It's a more honest answer that you are giving. It's definitely different...There is a must-see sort of mentality to our television shows. The fact that we are going live and doing so much reality based or hidden camera based, there is an idea that the fans have to tune in. It's not a matter of when we were taped where they could read spoilers on the Internet. They have to watch and see how it rolls. They are getting surprised and caught off guard with what we are doing. I think it's awesome."