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-- Thursday night's episode of iMPACT! Wrestling did a 0.97 (1.0) cable rating, with 1.25 million viewers. The rating is identical with last week while the viewership was up 5% from last week's year-low rating and even with the viewership from two weeks ago.

The show ranked #37 among cable shows for the night in overall viewers, #19 among males 18 - 34 and #16 among males 18 - 49. There was a rise in younger male viewers while the key adult demographics held even.

The quarter-hour ratings are below:

Q1: 0.80 rating - Joseph Park in the ring, Aces & Eights confrontation, Sting vowing to unmask someone from the group

Q2: 0.92 rating - Samoa Joe vs. Magnus, backstage segments

Q3: 0.89 rating - Daniels & Kazarian segment with Hector Guerrero & Willie Urbina, backstage segments and video packages

Q4: 1.01 rating - Christian York's Gut Check segment with Zema Ion

Q5: 1.12 rating - ODB vs. Jesse (w/Tara), first half of Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E

Q6: 0.95 rating - Second half of Hardy vs. Robbie, Austin Aries confronting Hardy post-match, Hulk Hogan backstage

Q7: 0.98 rating - Bobby Roode and A.J. Styles's mid-ring confrontation, Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan in the ring

Q8: 0.96 rating - Joey Ryan vs. Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray's scheduled main event segment with Devon

-- The Daily Star of the UK posted an article/interview with The Blossom Twins who are competing on TNA's new reality show in the UK "The British Boot Camp." The full interview is below:

IT'S fair to say that women's wrestling has gone through an identity crisis in recent times.

At the top of the pile, the genre has completely lost its way.

It's only at grass roots level, and occasionally on a better day at TNA, that it lives up to anything like its true potential.

Gone are the days in WWE of mat technicians like Lisa "Victoria" Varon, Amy "Lita" Dumas, Trish Stratus and Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald – extensively trained, battle tested and capable of consistently high-level performance.

An honourable mention should go to the soon to be departing Beth Phoenix and the woefully under-utilised Nattie Niedhart.

TNA have had the edge in recent times with Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Winter and the excellent Beautiful People gimmick.

Only by casting the eye around the independent scene can decent women's wrestling be found where the ladies transcend the sorry status of mere eye candy.

Women like Alpha Female and Jenny Sjodin are exploding the myth, along with one of the world's hottest female tag teams, our very own Blossom Twins.

Recently endowed with a berth in TNA's British Boot Camp project, the Mancunian sisters have a chance of stardom Stateside.

FT caught up with our proud exports to find out if they are about to dismantle popular misconceptions that women are little more than window dressing.

Unsurprisingly the girls don't agree. Hannah tells FT: "We love getting to dress up and very much enjoy that side to being women in wrestling.

"The women in both TNA and WWE are stunning and it captures your attention. They kick ass and look beautiful doing it. However, we don't care for the term eye candy."

Holly concurs, saying: "We are wrestlers. We love to wrestle and we think it's a case of people not judging a book by its cover.

"Watch any of the women wrestle and you will see that we have a whole lot more to offer than just looks."

The twins weren't at the back of the queue when the good looks were being dished out, but to claim that the standards are what they were in WWE is dubious at best.

Sorry ladies, it just isn't the case. Finlay being rehired by WWE might help in a year or two, but Triple H is reportedly not high on the girls.

However there is little doubt that these two 25-year-old ladies have honed their skills well over an eight-year career and they continue to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Boot Camp is very much boys against girls. The competition for the TNA contract comes in the form of fellow Brits Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud, and it's fair to say neither suffers from a deficiency in confidence.

Hannah likes them both. She says: "Spud is incredibly charismatic and there's never been a dull moment when we spend time with him.

"There is no denying he is an amazing talent.

"Sometimes his attitude and ego can get a bit too much to handle. Marty is cute and he's always fun to...