Titus O'Neil recently spoke about being an athlete and how he got into the UFC. Here are the highlights…

On Being More Than Just an Athlete: "A lot of times, people look at you just as an athlete. "There's so much more to me. I'm a father of two sons. I mentor kids in my community. I'm very active in my community, as well as traveling around the world with underwear, boots and baby oil. I think I have one of the most diverse resumes as far as an entertainer is concerned at this moment.''

On Meeting Peyton Manning: "That was awesome. I was just talking to someone about that a few days ago, because someone sent a picture of me and Peyton shaking hands after the game, after we beat them at The Swamp. Peyton Manning was actually one of my hosts when I was being recruited out of high school.''

On Becoming a Wrestler: "If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be a WWE superstar today, I would tell you you're a fool. If it wasn't for a very good friend of mine and my neighbor, Dave Batista, I can assure you I wouldn't be here today.''

On His Job as a WWE Performer: "Our job is to either put smiles on people's faces or frowns, one way or the other. It's like going to a movie. People spend millions of dollars a year going to movies to be entertained, and it's good versus evil - especially action movies. Everybody loves a good feel-good story, and that's kind of what we do. We tell stories. We just do it at car-crash speed.''