TMZ has picked the story we posted last night involving Kurt Angle. Angle says that his mother recently received a call from someone in the Dominican Republic who claimed her grandson was in a local jail and needed $4,000 right away, or that he would suffer severe consequences.

Angle's mother wired the money to the people, and then received a call the next day, demanding another $4,000. When she couldn't afford the second payment, she called her son Kurt. Kurt felt that something was wrong, and contacted the family member in question, who was not only fine, but had not been to the Dominican Republic in over a year.

Kurt got the local authorities involved, and according to the FBI, Angle's mother is one of many victims being targeted by international scammers who prey on the elderly. Kurt also feels that the scammers have an accomplice near the home in Pittsburgh, since they knew about his family and his mother's unlisted number.

Angle had the following to say about the situation…

"I'm gonna find the son of a bitch who did this to my mom. I don't want this happening to anyone else!"