Cm punk
CM Punk
Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks
  • Birthdate: 8/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 200 lbs

CM Punk ProfilesPhillip Jack Brooks was born on...

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-- Despite the World Wrestling Council announcing it via their Facebook page, reports of Rex King's death are premature. According to both his mother and ex-wife, King--who wrestled as part of WWF's Well Dunn in the early 90s--is still alive. King's mother, Shirley Fellows, said called him when she heard the news and he answered the phone. He was said to be completely unaware of any reports of his death. King, who began his wrestling career in 1987, appeared for numerous promotions throughout his fifteen-year career including the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and United States Wrestling Association. Much of his career was spent wrestling as a tag team with Steve Doll. They appeared as Well Dunn for the WWF from 1993 to 1995 and faced such tag teams as The Smoking Gunns, Men on a Mission, The Headshrinkers and The Bushwhackers. Doll passed away on March 22, 2009 from complications of a blood clot. Smith was forced to retire in 2002 after sustaining a major injury while competing in Puerto Rico.

UPDATE: WWC in Puerto Rico has corrected their initial report that Rex King died. They posted the following update on their Facebook page. It has been translated into English: "We have gotten reports that Deny the death of King Rex. Apparently the source was not as reliable as thought one of our partners. I'm glad he's alive, we regret the inconvenience and we appreciate the support samples with former WWC wrestler. Live your life and recognize the false alarm!" That's a pretty big mistake. Yikes.

-- has covered the video we posted earlier where CM Punk calls out Chris Brown. In his video, Punk starts out by saying he's " a proud life long drug free straight edge individual" ... and then spends the next minute blasting Brown. "Chris and I come from different worlds. I don't have an assistant. I don't have a body guard. I don't have a manager or a PR person telling me to delete tweets like Chris does, and I don't hit women. Period." He adds, "[Chris] has made the wrong accusations to the wrong person because I can defend myself." Punk then challenges Brown to a no-holds barred fight for charity ... and says, "I will choke you out and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has the misfortune of knowing a sad cowardly little boy such as yourself." You can view the video below:

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