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Vince Russo
Vincent James Russo
  • Birthdate: 01/24/1961 (age 55)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 190 Ib

Vince Russo is a writer and author, well known ...

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- Ex WWE, WCW and TNA creative member Vince Russo has been in the headlines as of late and early Wednesday morning, he went on a rant through Twitter. Check out his tweets down below:

"Hard to lie when nobody ever asks you a question."

"That was the extent of what anybody ever asked over the 10 months."

"Torch is talking about Russo's "lie after lie"--NOBODY EVER ASKED--how could I have lied?"

"These guys are not legit. If so--why have they never worked for a major promotion---ever?"   "These guys don't have the SPAULDINGS to talk to me because I know WHAT they are."

Those are just some statements that he tweeted, you can read more here.

- TNA is back in action tonight to tape another episode of Impact from New York City. The only match advertised is the second match between The Hardys, Team 3D and The Wolves. Check back later tonight as we will have spoilers of the show.