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-- Newsday has an interview with Tommy Dreamer focusing on his FEW match on Saturday against Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal and Carlito in Long Island. Dreamer notes that he's not a fan of backstage politics, saying, "There's politics in everything, I get it. But wrestling is unlike baseball, football. In those sports, you can be outspoken against a team, but if you score a touchdown, you're fine. They might trade you, but you'll still get the most out of it. Look at Dwight Howard, the guy can back up what he says. In wrestling, that's not the case. Wrestling is live theater, it's a movie, there's casting. ‘I like this guy because he's tall, or he's muscular.' I like people because they're talented." You can check it out here.

-- Tommy Dreamer has also added a roster page to the House of Hardcore website, where he discusses why he's booked all the different names for the promotion's October 6th debut in Poughkeepsie, New York. You can see that here.

-- The Rome Observer has an article about Diamond Dallas Page appearing for 2CW on August 4th here.

-- Fighting Spirit Wrestling has a show set for Atlantic City on August 22nd. Apollo will defend the WWC Universal Title against Gilbert and Jose, Joel and Will Maximo will appear.