Tommy Dreamer issued the following for his new "House of Hardcore" promotion:




All great things begin with two combustible elements - passion and work ethic. With one, a competitor may make it far but risks the chance of crashing and burning. With both, however, all great warriors are destined for greatness. That is the origin of the term hardcore and the very backbone of the House of Hardcore when it debuts at the last historic wrestling venue still standing and unchanged, the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday October 6th.

The term "hardcore" in professional wrestling has been perverted over time and has come to be synonymous with the more violent elements of the business. However, while that gritty aspect may be an element of hardcore, it's not what true hardcore wrestling is only about.

"House of Hardcore is about work ethic," says HOH founder Tommy Dreamer, himself a veteran of countless wars inside the squared circle. "I have chosen the men and women who will compete in House of Hardcore to wrestle on this first show for that reason, work ethic. Hardcore isn't about blood, barbed wire and tables. It was always and will always be about a competitor giving everything they have physically, mentally, emotionally in their match. It is about the passion of what you do, what you give of yourself in the ring. Hardcore is about giving your heart and soul to the fans. That is the backbone of what House of Hardcore is about."

That mission statement has been the mantra of Tommy Dreamer's professional wrestling career, both behind the scenes and in front of the eyes of the fans. Dreamer has fought the wars, won the world championships and suffered the agony of defeats. He's overcome injuries. He's faced desperation and trials and anguish. Through it all, with each fall, he's risen back to his feet, ready and willing to fight again, his spirit unbroken. Now, it's time for the broken spirit of professional wrestling to rise like a Phoenix out of the politics, the sideshow, the haze that has hindered its evolution, its honor and its passion. It's time for the House of Hardcore to rise. It's time for a place where wrestling fans can find the wrestling they desire, with no catches.

"Without the fans, quite simply, there is no Tommy Dreamer," said the former ECW World champion. "I am forever in debt to all of them for letting me live my dream. When I left WWE, I said the fans were my family and I mean that. They are my family and they've fed my family. Now, it's time to give back to them. We have the chance to entertain the fans the only way I know how, wrestling, in the last historic building left. The others are gone, gutted or renovated or destroyed. So, we make our stand in Poughkeepsie, for the fans. This is my money, my reputation and my quest to give my family, the fans, an event they will remember for a lifetime. I can remember being there for so many special moments as a fan and being part of so many as a wrestler. I want those moments to happen on October 6th. Via social media, my website and from speaking to fans at events and in airports, I've heard everyone's pleas for there to be something different. So, I am going to risk it all to show the world that change can be made. Pro Wrestling can be great again - and it should be great."

To that end, House of Hardcore announces the first of many competitors who will enter Poughkeepsie that night to do battle -

RHINO - "Rhino is a 34 year old man who remains as intense as any competitor I have ever seen. He's a well established veteran, even at his young age, from WWE, ECW and TNA. He is beyond dedicated and is out to prove to the world that he is still the 'Manbeast" and seriously, who's going to stop him? He is the Juggernaut come to life. Outside of the ring, he is the nicest human being I have ever met. An easy choice for the roster."

SAMI CALLIHAN - "This Combat Zone Wrestling mainstay is the greatest unsigned talent ever. Growing up on the mean streets of Philadelphia, he has a great amateur background and his work ethic is at such a premium that he's lost over 140 lbs. to be taken seriously as a force in professional wrestling. A gritty chameleon...