Triple h
Triple H
Paul Michael Levesque
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1969 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255lb

Hunter Hearst Helmsley is an American business ...

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During a recent interview with the LA Times, Triple H was jokingly asked if he would sign Warrior to a one-day contract to squash him at WrestleMania as payback for WrestleMania 12. Here is what Triple H had to say…

"It's funny, a lot of people bring that up in a negative way like it was this terrible thing in my life. While working with him personally wasn't the highlight of my life from a business standpoint, for me to go to me first WrestleMania and wrestle a legendary figure in the business - and that is what he was and is - like the Ultimate Warrior, a Hall of Fame Superstar in the business in my first WrestleMania appearance, squash or not, was a mind-blowing thing for me. I was thrilled to be in that position and to have that match with the Ultimate Warrior. I was thrilled with the fact that at that time Vince McMahon was willing to put me in that role... He had the trust in me and I would do a good job with it. So to me, that was nothing but a good experience. Potentially, I could bring him back and get the win."