Yahoo! Sports has an interview up with Triple H and Rey Mysterio discussing the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE. Here are some highlights:

Triple H on Bringing Lesnar Back: "Brock reached out to us when his UFC contract was done and I think he was just sticking his toe in the water to see if there was any interest, We spoke and the rest is history. There was a time where WWE fans thought they would never see Lesnar back with the company. There had been some animosity a little bit in some ways between Brock and the WWE at various points," Levesque said. "Some of that was real, some of that was media."

Rey Mysterio on Lesnar Initially Leaving WWE: "We were kind of disappointed when he left and just didn't know what was going to happen with him trying out for the NFL and then shocking the world with the UFC. Overall, he did what he wanted to do and you can't take that away from any man or human being who wants to accomplish something or prove themselves in a certain sport."