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Jason Barsky sent this one in:

The Punk=Fan Incident

From my perspective, it was obvious the fan pushed Punk from behind. Punk shot him a look. The fan then appeared to touch him again, it kinda looked like he was trying to apologize but he did it from behind, and Punk just threw a a spinning backlist. I don't think he made direct contact, but the fan looked like he had no idea what he did. He was holding his lip.

Notes from the show:

Ryback was insanely over with the crowd. The reaction that he got was equal to the loudest reaction of the night. It was the kind of explosive reaction that the biggest of stars get. Many many people were surprised by the reaction.

As much as people give him crap, Vince McMahon is still very popular. On the way out of the arena everybody seems to be talking about Vince and Punk going head to head shot for shot with the Singapore canes.

Next to Cena, and the reaction that Ryback got, Daniel Bryan had the most crown reaction of anyone else on the show.

This morning when I interviewed Kofi and Truth, I asked them how long they thought they would be teaming together, and they said they did not now and that they never had a heads up on changes like that. I guess my interview was the last they did as a team as it clearly appears that Kofi is moving on to the Miz.

On a side note I'm not good with math but with Vince McMahon and Larry King on the show tonight the average age of the onscreen performers do a shot up over 45 possibly 55.

In the dark match, Sheamus won by DQ over Punk after a low blow. Punk then got kind of cocky on the Mic before taking the Brouge kick.

Sean Campbell sent this one in:

Pretty good show live! About 2/3rd of the upper deck was tarped off but it was a pretty loud crowd. The Power Balance Pavilion is pretty small and has wooden floors, so that was responsible for a lot of the noise and the hard camera shaking in some of the more rowdy moments.

The night started with a dark match that saw Xavier Woods beating Michael McGillicutty.

No pyro or official opening to start the show, kicked off right with Cena coming out in the arena as well.

The only match that the crowd was pretty quiet for was the Kidd / Antonio match, only picking up a bit for the very end of it.

They did a great job with the flow of the longer matches. We couldn't tell when they were at commercial or not, there weren't any obvious rest spots or delaying until coming back live.

Ryback is incredibly over live. Right before Raw went on the air, the crowd broke into a huge "feed me more" chant out of nowhere and almost exploded when he ran in at the end of the main event.

I'm not quite sure why, but before the main event the ring crew pulled the top canvas off the ring. I hadn't noticed anything wrong with it and the new one underneath looked normal too, so who knows why they changed it.

And most importantly, I had a fairly good view of the incident in the crowd with Punk. Watching it back on tape just now, the broadcast just missed what started it by a couple seconds. Right before the camera cut back to Punk in the crowd, the bald guy he decked had just shoved him in the back of the head. Other reports said it was someone else that did the shoving and the bald guy took the blame; it was crowded and rowdy over there so who knows. Either way, someone gave Punk a good shove in the head. Not a violent punch or anything, but definitely a forward motion push and not the usual patting that fans might do. Security got up there pretty quick but didn't yank him until Raw had gone off the air and Punk came back out of the crowd. From our view a couple sections over, it looked like the guy was apologizing and pointing to himself as if to say it was his own fault; maybe he was arguing that it was someone else that pushed Punk. Regardless, 5 or so arena security guards ejected him as WWE security chewed him out.

After the cameras went off, Sheamus came out for a 2 minute or so "match" with Punk. Punk tried to decline, saying he had to tend to Heyman who had...