JBL posted the following to his Twitter account, confirming that he will not be at RAW. The Facebook link he posts notes that he will be at SmackDown:

I see on a website I will be on @WWE Raw next week, not true-I will not be there. My update and what I will be doing at http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Layfield/194176253533?ref=ts…

The Facebook.com post reads:

Early morning training this morning (have a mountain in 12 weeks), Fox News at 1130a et (Cashin' In, my regular show from my studio in Bermuda) and then a 18 holes of golf with our rugby coach Patrick Calow and the regular crew in Bermuda a t my favorite course in the world-Mid Ocean in Bermuda.

Since my Longhorns and Cowboys stink again this year, no need to watch football-so got plenty of time on the weekends!

For those asking or have asked, I am doing commentary again for WWE this Tuesday in Providence for Smackdown.

The PGA is here starting this weekend with Ernie Els, Bubba Watson and the two other major winners in a foursome two day tournament. We are taking a bunch of our kids to golf this week, and I have several events to attend-should be a great time in Bermuda.

I can't wait to see what Bubba does to Port Royal, the stuff Ernie has done here before has been unreal.

Fortunately for these guys I will miss most of the tournament (for the Smackdown commentary Tuesday) so one of them have a chance to win since I won't enter.