According to WREG-TV in Memphis, Kevin Lawler stated that his father was experiencing chest pains Saturday in Aruba, where Lawler was participating in the Caribbean Wrestling Bash independent tour.

A friend and neighbor stated that Lawler complained about chest pains the week before Monday's RAW. Lawler's neighbor, Joe Cooper, said Lawler blew it off as indigestion at the time. WREG also states that Lawler wrestled Monday "before having the chance to see a doctor" about his chest pains. Kevin Lawler thought his father looked rough during his match on RAW Monday. Kevin also stated the following…

"No matter how healthy you think you are, or what you try to do, you never know. You should just always stay up to date, and current on that. One of his only real vices when it comes to that, he's just a huge Church's Chicken fan."

Doctors have stated that Jerry Lawler is, "extremely healthy for someone who's 62." Lawler stays active, and doesn't drink, smoke or use drugs. Lawler continues to recover in a Montreal hospital and could return home this weekend.