Beth Phoenix wrote on Twitter that Friday's SmackDown will feature the first ever-singles match between herself and Natalya.

She wrote: "This Friday on SmackDown @NatbyNature and I square off for the first time one on one in our respective 10+ year careers in Buffalo. #magic"

As noted earlier, Phoenix posted the following last night after competing against Natalya at the SmackDown taping, which was held in her hometown of Buffalo, New York: "#Smackdown taping tonight just may have been the highlight of my career."

Amid rumors that Beth Phoenix will be leaving WWE next month after handing in her notice, Rob Feinstein, who is coordinating an autograph signing next month with her boyfriend Adam "Edge" Copeland, says he has known for months that she would be leaving the sports-entertainment organization. He also says they will be working together after she leaves WWE.

He wrote on his Facebook page, "A ton of people are asking us about Beth Phoenix leaving the company next month. We knew about this a few months ago from our sources and we already plan on doing some signings and other stuff with her when the time permits."

As we exclusively reported, Phoenix has been unhappy for quite some time. She's one of the MANY mid-card talents who have been frustrated for months and things finally boiled over several weeks ago and she requested her release from the company. She'll be finishing up in October and has no plans to retire as some sites are reporting. She's simply taking a break from pro wrestling and will work on getting into some acting. Most expect her to wind up in TNA at some point.