Following reports of possible fraud and a video by Kamala that was posted yesterday, Dan Mirade's MWF has posted a reply to the situation.

For those that may have missed things, yesterday James "Kamala" Harris posted a video noting that several organizations who had claimed they were raising money for him actually weren't, noting that he had not received anything from them. Harris had to have both legs, below the knees, amputated due to difficulties with diabetes.

Over on, Mirade posted a photo online of a postal money order for $475 that he stated was mailed to and received by Cauliflower Alley Club's Karl Lauer to be sent on to Kamala. The photo can be seen at the above link. If the money order was sent and received by Cauliflower Alley Club's Karl Lauer, it would then be in their hands to get Kamala the money.

Dawn Marie's Wrestler's Rescue, who had been collecting items to sell to raise money towards Kamala's cause, has not responded to his claims. Their official website,, is not operational at this time. When you go to the site, it says that, "This site has been suspended."

For what it's worth, many people have stated Dawn Marie has been going through some personal issues. There have been claims in the past that Dawn was using any money collected to feed her personal "habits". She denied these claims but has not been heard from since.

For those who may have missed it yesterday, Kamala posted the following video on YouTube warning fans about donating to MWF and Wrestler's Rescue who are claiming to be helping him out but actually aren't. The following message was included with them: Kamala sends a message to all of his fans, warning them to avoid certain people that may be claiming they are helping him, when they aren't. You can email him at [email protected] to know that you are for sure contacting him and donating to him directly. His mailing address is Giant Kamala P.O. Box 235 Como, MS 38619. He loves to hear from his fans. Thanks a lot.

We'll keep you posted as we hear more.