Source: The Wrestling Observer

The Wyatt Family were reportedly trending worldwide on Twitter prior to WWE RAW going on the air. As noted previously, "#WyattFamily" was the number one trend worldwide during hour three of RAW.

WWE officials were pleased with the RAW debut on Monday night of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan - The Wyatt Family.

There is already speculation that The Wyatt Family attacking Kane on RAW on Monday night was the beginning of a program that what will result in a match at SummerSlam featuring The Wyatt Family against The Undertaker and Kane. However, one source notes that Undertaker is currently hurt again and may not be ready to return to the ring in time for the match. The Undertaker reportedly suffered the injury while working his most recent WWE television angle against The Shield a few months ago as we noted earlier here on the website.

Ultimately, the goal in WWE is to eventually turn The Wyatt Family babyface, but company officials are said to be aware that it likely won't happen anytime in the near future.

Here are The Wyatt Family vignette videos as well as their debut from last night's WWE RAW broadcast: