Update On The New RAW Logo, WWE Lies Again, Jim Ross’ Latest FOX Column


— Several weeks ago here on the website, we noted that the second
edition of “WWE Insider” would be added to WWE’s YouTube channel last week. The
show was expected to feature a special look at WWE Superstar R-Truth in a
recording studio. The episode was never released. This marks the second time WWE
has promised the show would return and have failed to deliver.

— Tonight is the final RAW broadcast where the current WWE
“scratch” logo will be used. The new logo debuts next week.

— Jim Ross addressed John Cena’s polarizing status among
wrestling fans in his latest FOX Sports column. JR noted that WWE has failed to
properly build around Cena, which has created the reaction. You can read the
article at this link.

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  • OC O

    That’s the lie?!

  • HEELjd

    im sick of your lies WWE!!!!

  • Agronegro

    You should report on EWrestlingNews lies again or EWrestlingNews assume crap as always again.

  • Eric

    no they built Cena up just fine that’s why a lot of people hate him!

  • The new RAW logo??

    • The Ace That Runs The Place

      The new WWE logo, the same one used for the WWE Network, only $9.99

  • ddded

    Lol,says a guy who lies n his articles every day

  • Samuel Perth

    “lies” is a strong word.

  • I Am Hate

    Who cares about WWE Insider anyways? lol

  • Robert Griffin III #QB.Squad

    Who cares about Cena. No one cares.