-- The TNA reality series British Boot Camp is set to premiere on Challenge TV in the UK on January 1 at 10PM local time. As of now, it does not appear the show will be broadcast in North America.

-- Hannibal Pro Wrestling passed this along.

Former Pro Wrestler and National Champion Amateur Wrestler Devon Nicholson took his first Interferon shot for his Hep C treatment October 15th under nurse's guidance at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

In this week's video (shot Oct. 22nd) Nicholson self-injects the first of the remaining 23 Interferon injections required for his experimental Hep C genotype 2 Incivek "triple therapy". Weekly Interferon injections are part of the 3 drugs being used in Nicholson's Hep C treatment. The powerful drug regime also includes taking daily oral medication. 6 oral Incivek tabs (2 250 mg/day) and 7 Ribavirin tabs (1400 mg/day).