-- A lot of wrestling fans are under the impression that the performers have complete control over who gets to induct them into the Hall of Fame. However, in a recent interview to promote WrestleMania 29, Bruno Sammartino reveals more details on how the process works and how involved WWE is in the decision. Bruno stated:

"There were a few people who I wouldn't have minded inducting me into the Hall of Fame, but they asked me if I would allow them to choose someone that is worthy and famous to do this. They told me they were going to come up with a couple of names to see if I agree but when they mentioned Arnold I agreed as we have been friends for quite a while."

-- Diamond Dallas Page has caught the attention of the wrestling world by being the man to finally help Jake Roberts turn his life around. Apparently, he's also starting to catch the attention of the media as well. The two former WWE stars made an appearance on the Couch, a CBS show, this week to discuss yoga.