According to, TNA has extended the voting on the four sided vs. six-sided ring. The site notes that the voting has been extended so fans in the UK can watch and vote while iMPACT! airs on Sunday night. The poll results will be released on Monday night just prior to RAW at 7PM EST. Our guess is that they are trying to capitalize off the higher traffic on Monday with RAW airing live. Monday is our highest traffic day and is a great time for wrestling companies to announce any press releases and big news such as the six sided ring returning. Jeff Jarrett is a smart man as he almost always sends out his GFW press releases & videos on Monday or Tuesday as he knows that's the higher traffic days for pro wrestling websites.

TNA will be bringing the six-sided ring (likely) to the Manhattan Center in New York City for their June 25th, 26th & 27th iMPACT! tapings. Almost everyone expects the six-sided ring to return as sources say it's WAY ahead in fan voting. Dixie Carter recently confirmed this on Twitter as well. It should also be noted that TNA announcer Jeremy Borash told the fans in attendance at Friday night's iMPACT! tapings in Bethlehem, PA that they were likely seeing the final TNA match to take place inside a traditional four-sided ring.

Also, with TNA switching THREE titles and changing their "management" storyline, they are completely overhauling their creative direction. That's a GOOD thing for those who have been upset with TNA and their booking. A complete overhaul of creative + six sides returning - this is what many fans wanted. We'll see how things go