Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Arn Anderson turns 54 years old today.

-- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine turns 62 years old today.

-- Joel Gertner turns 37 years old today.

-- AWA Wrestling returns to ESPN Classic tonight at midnight ET. Scheduled for the show is: Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Milliman & Bardeaux; Jimmy Snuka vs. Stamp; Hernandez vs. Col. DeBeers; and World Heavyweight Title Nick Bockwinkle vs. Boris Zhukov.

-- The November 3rd Dragon Gate USA show will take place in Vorhees, NJ.

The promotion is currently looking for a new venue to run in New York, but have a venue in Queens and the NYWC school to fall back on if needed.

They will make official announcement on the three shows, including a return to Boston, later this week.