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—’s documentary on The Dynamite Kid has met their goal on Kickstarter on $15,000 last night, which means that the things they wanted to include in the film will be included. These include a trip to Calgary. Today is the last day to donate to the film. Those who do donate can get special extras including signed photos and autobiographies of the Dynamite Kid. You can get more details here.

Mick Foley was not able to sign on as narrator because of WWE, but former ROH champion Davey Richards, who was influenced by Kid, is the narrator.

— The AWA runs on ESPN Classis tonight at midnight with the following scheduled to air: Jay York vs. Nick Bockwinkel, The Midnight Rockers vs. Knight and Stamp, Brad Rheingans vs. Pete Sanchez, Col. DeBeers, Doug Somers, and Larry Zbyszko vs. Curt Hennig, Greg Gagne, and Jimmy Snuka. The show originally aired or was taped on August 1, 1986.

— Here are the latest updates for the WWE Classics OnDemand service…


* Legends of Wrestling Roundtable: History of Monday Night Raw (Gene Okerlund, Jim Ross, Pat Patterson, Michael Hayes, Brian James)

* WWF at LA Sports Arena 1/28/89

-Sam Houston vs. Barry Horowitz.

-Rick Rude vs. Brutus Beefcake.

-WWF Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior vs. King Haku.

-Andre the Giant vs. Jake Roberts

-WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. the Powers of Pain

-The Red Rooster vs. Danny Davis

-Greg Valentine vs. Jim Neidhart

-Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. The Rockers.

* The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior

TV Classics:

* AWA All Star Wrestling 8/22/81

* Extreme Championship Wrestling 5/30/98

* Stampede Wrestling 11/78

— The United Wrestling Alliance has announced that it is running a benefit show to help support victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. The promotion will run their “Last Breathe” show on November 10th at 7:30 PM. Among the stars at the show will be Marty Jannetty, who will take on the UWA Elite I-Champion Hedges, and Jay Lethal who will compete against UWA Elite Ironman Champion Myke Quest.

UWA Elite commentator Chris West said of the show, “It’s important for everyone to help their neighbors in this time of crisis. This is our chance to support those people who have supported UWA in the past, and a way to reach out to the community at large. It’s the least we can do. Please show up and help us do our part!”

Also set for the show are:

* UWA Elite Heavyweight Champion Kyle “The Beast” Winant vs. Cypress in a steel cage

* Steel Cage War Games match: Swag Mean (Robbie Roller, Vin Grayson, “First Class” Brian Brass, DynaMike Davis & “The Shore Thing” TJ Blade) vs. the Holy Kingdom (King Tek, Elder Foreman, Eric Corvis, Dr. John Bowes & TKO)

* Steel Cage match: “The Living Legend” Archadia vs. “High Flying Heart Throb” Drake Chambers

* Sean “Damage” McNelis vs. Michael Massacre

* Magic & Biggie Biggs vs. “Superstar” Jon Rome & Brandon the Bull

* “Golden Ticket” Fatal Four-Way match: Strife, Matt Demorest, Joey Adams & Tommy “Gunz” Kobryn

Tickets are $15, with a portion of proceeds going directly to Sandy relief efforts. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets and/or clothing for donation; those who do so will receive 20% off their ticket price. For advance tickets sales & more information, contact [email protected]

Kayfabe Wrestling Radio sent this one in:

In his first interview since winning the title, the newly crowned NWA World Champion “The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he talked about if the title win has sunk in at all, how he felt being left out of the Championship Title tournament originally, how he felt about the NWA situation in Australia with Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana, what he has heard in the business about his win and himself as champion, what he can do to help stabilize the NWA as champion, his reaction to an on-air announcement about an immediate rematch as issued by the NWA President for Friday night, who is in charge of his bookings now, does he see himself as a traveling World Champion like Adam Pearce, if he thinks he could defeat Godzilla in a fist fight and more.

About being left out of the tournament originally as NWA National Heavyweight Champion: “Oh yeah, I wasn’t too enthused about it at all. I mean, I pretty much let it be known, you know there was a little article put out there by Brian Kelley out there in the Midwest. No, I wasn’t happy about it at all. I mean, I don’t know how Carson felt; he is the newly crowned North American Champion. So, I don’t know if he was comfortable right then or not but I know I definitely wasn’t and I let it be known. I did contact the Board of Directors and pretty much told them know how I felt about it and I felt degraded about the whole part. Like I said, I don’t have nothing to hide or nothing to hold back; if I have something to say I’m pretty much going to do it, regardless. And that’s what I did. Coming out here, I was booked on Friday night and I got a last minute call pretty much when I hit the ground and they said ‘We want you in Jersey’; so what am I going to say, no? So, the next day, I hopped on a plane and took off to Jersey and took care of business and did what not only what me but the whole NWA and anyone involved in it kind of set out to do, and that’s make a mark and let people know we’re still out there. I’m not afraid to go out there and call the marks out and stuff like that. That’s kind of the biggest deal, the big swerve, and I think they kind of nailed it right on the head and nobody really pays attention to that little thing on the bottom of the flyer that says ‘Card Subject to Change’. You never know what’s going to happen.”

How much mental preparation did he have for the title match, which his opponents having no clue: “Yeah, that was walking into the door totally blind as to anybody, I mean no one knew I was there, no one knew I was coming. When I walked out through the curtain, it was a totally surprise to anybody that was sitting out there or wasn’t involved. I got there earlier in the day and I pretty much kayfabed and just stuck to myself. No one had a clue who I was and I just kind of sat to the side and let business take its place, do what I was there to do and everything turned out. When I say turned out, I think I every aspect of that night: from winning the belt to just everybody being in shock from the second I stepped out from the curtain. And I think that’s what we wanted to accomplish and that’s what happened.

What he can do as champion to stabilize the NWA after the bouts of turmoil that had plagued it recently: “What can I do? I don’t know what I can do. But know what I have done and what I can do myself and I’ll keep running; whether I’m champion or not, I’ll keep going just like I’m going and as far as the NWA goes, I have nothing but respect for the NWA. I grew up with the NWA, a lot like you guys and many other, and there’s some that have never seen past ECW; it’s just the way it is. Some people believe in certain things and some people were raised around the business or in the business in different ways. You know how I’ve always been; I love this business and I don’t feel like there’s anyone out there who loves it more than me. But, I can always say I hope there’s plenty out there that love it just as much. There was nothing without the NWA. You look at all these guys that sit back and talk on the internet and blab about some people are so great and such legends and they’ve done this and done that. What they got to realize is where they actually came from and where they started; everybody came through the NWA, if they were anybody. And a lot of people don’t look at it like that and there’s a reason; the reason is its part of tradition. It’s been around forever and helped make wrestling what it is. Regardless of what it is now and what it was, it’s still the NWA and it’s three letters but for some people those three letters mean something.”

Does he see himself as a traveling World Champion like the way Adam Pearce did it: “That’s the whole idea of being a World Champion; you got to go around the world and represent. You know, I’m already in talks with different places right now, international; some places that haven’t seen a world title belt and some places that haven’t seen it in years and years. You know, hopefully I can bring something like this to their country and just do things a little bit different; touch some places that haven’t been touched in a while.”

For more information on the immediate rematch the NWA has authorized for the new champion Kahagas this Friday, visit for ticketing information and details on the event “Decision 2012”. You can also follow Kahagas through his Facebook page (

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