-- Here is the updated card for EVOLVE 30. The show takes place May 10th at The Brooklyn Lyceum, 2274th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY…

I Quit Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann Open The United Gate Title Match: Lancelot & Harlem Bravado defend vs. Fire Ant & Green Ant Special Challenge Singles Match: Uhaa Nation vs. Trent Baretta EVOLVE 28 Rematch: AR Fox vs. Caleb Konley Four Way Freestyle: Anthony Nese vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Jigsaw vs. #AllEgo Special Attraction Match: Tom Donst vs. #WalkingWeapon Also appearing: SHINE Champion Ivelisse, Blake Edward Belakus, Su Yung & Mr. A of The Premier Athlete Brand, Moose, Larry Dallas, more!

You can order the iPPV at this link.

-- With yesterday's announcement that Extreme Rising was canceling all future shows, many wondered if Sunday's Masked Mania iPPV would still take place. The Masked Mania event, which is being promoted by Kevin Kleinrock and Masked Republic, was working with Rising as part of a triple shot weekend. With Extreme Rising canceling events, Kleinrock and Republic had to scramble to make last minute deals with the venue, find a ring, and get all sorts of other logistical things accomplished five days before the event. These were things that were being handled on the side of Extreme Rising.

Kevin Kleinrock and Masked Republic were able to secure everything, at much added cost, due to their budgeting not including all of these extras. All of the Lucha talent originally advertised will be appearing as scheduled as Republic had already taken care of their flights and travel information. Some of those performers are looking for additional weekend bookings, due to losing out on their dates with Extreme Rising.

Some changes to the undercard of the iPPV may happen, as some talent were booked through Extreme Rising, but here is the updated card for the show…

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. LA PARK Campeonato de Maestros Champion Solar vs. Negro Navarro Campeanato de Minus del Mundo champion Mini Mariachi vs. Pequeño Pierroth Campeanato de Feminil de PWR champion Christina Von Eerie vs. Sumie Sakai Damien 666 & Bestia 666 & Sabu vs. Homicide & BLK Jeez & Ruckus Cassandro El Exotico vs. "Spartan" MDogg Matt Cross Ophidian The Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant vs. "3 Live Gringos" Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy & Papadon