-- The following casting call was released yesterday:

[email protected]



An unflinching and engaging look at the lives of a group of athletic females who share a love for becoming a star in the re-vamped WOW! (Women of Wrestling) television series is doing its final casting. You must be willing to physically train to perform choreographed wrestling moves. Filming commences November 5th.

If you consider yourself an unconventional woman who has a passion for becoming a female stage combatant and is willing to be trained in the art of performing wrestling stunts we want to hear from you. Prior experience in gymnastics, tumbling, dance or stage combat a plus, however, if you haven't any experience but have the heart to learn ...you too could be cast as one of the WOW Girls and perform in the "Pandemonium Live Tour" which kicks off Saturday, January 19th in Las Vegas.

Females 20-36, athletic, all sizes with powerful personalities. Characters welcome! Produced by 44 Blue Productions and David McLane Enterprises.

Pay Rate: $350/per day plus bonus fees and royalties.

Please submit video reel and head shots upon reply along with your name, age, weight, height and years of experience to

[email protected]

All forms will be overseen by booking agents and scouts. Later, preselected by Director. We will contact you directly.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles

Contact email: [email protected]

-- NWA President Fred Rubenstein was a guest on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio where he discussed the situation involving the NWA title, Adam Pearce, and Colt Cabana, the NWA history DVD, and more:

What happened with the Sheik's NWA title reign and if he bought his title run: "At the time of these matches, I was on the NWA Board of Directors. This was when the NWA brand was still owned exclusively by Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC., which is a company that is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Joe Cabibbo, in no way, bought the championship; Joe Cabibbo won the championship in his persona as ‘The Sheik'. He's a hard worker, he is well worth 100 cents on the dollar and he defended the title.

"However, there came a point in time where he was asked to work at the Ohio State Fair in the year 2011 and at that match, and it had been determined by the then overseers of the Championship, the World Championship, that he was to drop the belt. There was a dispute and it involved several factors, not the least of which is the money; and he was going well with a company that I have a deep respect and affection for which is Zero1 over in Tokyo, with my good friend Yoshi Nakamura. The Sheik angle was going very well, it sold out Korakuen Hall a couple of times; The Sheik did programs with Ryouji Sai, who was the Zero1 Champion and I know Ryouji, he's a great, great wrestler.

"And there were two schools of thought: one of which is that the Sheik reign should be extended and the other was that no, the title was going to change hands in Ohio. And the Sheik; I don't know which one of these reasons is true because I was not directly involved, I was simply advised. But the bottom line is the Sheik could not make the title defense, so the then-Executive Director acted unilaterally to strip him of the title and there was a four way match, which I was the referee in, between Jimmy Rave, Shaun Tempers, Chance Prophet and Adam Pearce.

"It was an extraordinary match; I was there with Bill Behrens, who is a great man in the world of wrestling. It was a hard fought match, it was fast. All of the finishes within the match were extraordinary and Adam came out the victor. I think the whole match went on for just shy of one half-hour; I know I was exhausted. But Adam won, right square in the middle of the ring with a fair three-count and Adam went on to a distinguished reign as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.I have nothing but respect and great admiration for Adam Pearce."

On the Histo of the NWA and NWA title DVD recently produced: "I will confess to you I only saw highlights of it, but what I did see, what I did see, I liked. I think there were significant omissions; I know the politics behind it, which I think stink, but I think the young men who donated their time and their talents to produce it did a magnificent job. Not to comment negatively on them whatsoever, but I think they were kind of steered in a certain direction. When...