-- There are some talents within TNA who have raises built into their multi-year contracts. Some of those talents have been asked by Bruce Prichard to restructure those contracts and the feeling among many of them as that they are being given a "take it or leave it" situation as we noted earlier here on the website. This does not appear to be the case with Velvet Sky though; her contract is simply set to expire soon.

-- Arrick Andrews and Shane Douglas recently gave in-character interviews for their feud in Crossfire Wrestling. Check out the highlights:

Andrews on Douglas' tactics: "I'm tired of the games and of [Douglas] using and bending the tikes of his power to avoid me and also to cause me my matches. I want the games to stop and let's fight!"

Douglas on his getting used to his role of becoming Director of Operations of Crossfire Wrestling: "My father taught me a long time ago that if you want something, keep your eye on the prize, never take your eye off that prize. If you live off those rules, you will get anything you want...I have set my eyes on that prize, and you have done your best to pull my eyes off that prize. Ain't going to happen, Arrick, because as much as I would like to step back in time and step back into that ring and kick your ass from pillar to post, all throughout the building, and made you say ‘Franchise, please stop!'. I would love that."

Arrows on Douglas' threats: "My dad always told me if I have a problem with another man, then tell him and if it can't be resolved, then beat the resolution into them. I have told him and I have beat him, but the only way it's going to be settled is for the Franchise to step up."

-- Here is the latest edition of "TNA Today" featuring AJ Styles and Brutus Magnus:

-- Here is the latest video from Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa's $5 Wrestling, which has its first iPPV this Friday. The video sees George South added to the main event as a referee: