AfterBuzz TV this week interviewed Chris Jericho who discussed his recent return to WWE, telling off WWE writers, and his hosting role for Syfy's Robot Combat League.

Regarding Jericho making a point after he was voted to face CM Punk on Raw when Randy Orton was expected to win the vote on February 4: "I knew I was going to win. I went to the writers's room and said, 'All you guys with your flash polls, go F yourself, you can suck it.'"

Jericho on comparing his part-time runs and returns to Brock Lesnar and The Rock: "Nothing against what Rock does or Brock or any of those guys, when I come back, I don't just come back for Monday Night Raw. I do the house shows."

A story on the right side of his light jacket breaking before his intro: "I had to turn and walk backwards and cheat the camera. I didn't want anyone to see that the whole right side of my jacket had gone out...this was literally two minutes before I had to go to the ring. I was furious. I could have given a crap about the match (with Punk), all I cared about was my stupid jacket."