John cena birthday wwe
John Cena
John Felix Anthony Cena
  • Birthdate: 04/23/1977 (age 37)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 251 Ib

Cena is known as "the face of the WWE for a lon...

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John Cena recently spoke with MTV about his WrestleMania 28 match with the Rock. Here is what he had to say and the video…

"This is old hat to me. I got you studied. I know things about you that you don't even know about yourself. This is a seven-year obsession of mine. I know exactly what you're going to say and do because you haven't had a match for seven years. If I have lady parts, that's okay, but you're going to pee and crap yourself when you realize you're in the ring with a professional... Rock, I know you like being down in Miami because that's your backyard. You're going to be laying down on April 1 looking at lights, but it's the lights on top of Sun Life Stadium because I'm going to beat your ass one, two, three."

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