VIDEO: Viscera Says He Was Supposed To Win WWE Title


Viscera recently spoke with Arda Ocal on The Score, talking about his entry into WWE as Mabel, winning King of the Ring and more. Check out some highlights and the video interview:

On nearly being booked to win the WWE Title at Summerslam 1995: “Actually Vince was leaning towards me (to win the WWE title) but if anyone knows about the Clique they can change things around and that’s what happened. The finish was changed. Yeah, Vince was really leaning towards me but you can’t stop the powers that be.”

On how “Vis-agra” was created: I was working with Hurricane Helms in Europe and Dean Malenko was our road agent. I used to do an amateur wrestling floatover on him and Dean just jokingly said ‘why don’t you throw in a couple pelvic thrusts when you do that’ and I said ‘are you serious?’. So I gave it a try and the people just exploded”

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