Cm punk
CM Punk
Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks
  • Birthdate: 8/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 200 lbs

CM Punk ProfilesPhillip Jack Brooks was born on...

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-- Josh Boutwell passed this along.

Independent Chicago rapper Ro Ransom has released a song and video called "CM Punk." In the video Ransom can be seen wearing Punk's "Boots 2 Faces" t-shirt and he recites the lines, "I'm a professional bro, you don't have to confess to me girl/I know I'm CM Punk, BEST IN THE WORLD/Go To Sleep, Anaconda Vice, Pepsi Plunge, I'm about making classics and collecting funds."

You can view the video below.

-- Here is a video preview courtesy of for the Life and Times of Mick Foley DVD: