Vince russo
Vince Russo
Vincent James Russo
  • Birthdate: 1/24/1961 (age 54)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 190 Ib

Vince Russo is a writer and author, well known ...

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Vince Russo has launched a commentary-style website that covers music, movies, sports and wrestling. His latest article looks at the ten talents he has the easiest time producing during his career.

Here are the top ten along with a blurb from Russo about each one:

10. Warrior "Despite what you read about him, or what uneducated opinions you may have formed, Jim Hellwig was INDEED a GENIUS."

9. Patterson & Brisco "You know when somebody is SO GOOD that they don't even realize HOW GOOD they are? That was Patterson and Brisco. These guys were comedic geniuses—PERIOD."

8. Shane McMahon "Take nothing away from Vince at all here, if my list would have gone to 11—Vince would have made it, but his son Shane—a pure professional and joy to work with."

7. The Rock "No disrespect to anybody else, but there is one simple reason why The Rock is the biggest star in the history of professional wrestling—he's simply smarter than everybody else. Rock knew how to "work" the "workers" without them having any idea they were being "worked". He was just that brilliant."

6. Sting "From a professional prospective, the thing I admire about Sting above all is his trust in you as a writer/producer to STILL take chances, to continue to reinvent himself even at this stage of his career."

5. Kurt Angle "Kurt is just a pro. If I was to start a wrestling promotion, and I had to start with one guy to build around, it would no doubt be Kurt—he is the most dependable and reliable wrestler I have ever worked with."

4. "Any Female Wrestler" "Do you know how easy my job would have been had I worked with all WOMEN!!! The female wrestlers will do whatever you ask them to do (of course, within reason) no questions asked—PERIOD."

3. Dustin Rhodes "Far and away, Goldust was the most intricate character I've ever had to write/produce for in my career. No two promos were ever the same, or was the same movie ever quoted twice."

2. Paul Bearer "OLD SCHOOL RULZ!!! The old school guys just get it—what can I say? I loved working with the late William Moody, every chance I got. He was just such a pro, and so freakin' good."

1. "Mr." Backlund "Like Warrior, when I would later be producing Mr. Backlund—you couldn't write for him. There was NOTHING—NOTHING I was going to write that was going to be better than what was just coming off the top of his head. This was entertainment at its finest form—nobody better—nobody."

You can see the full list and Russo's explanations here and here.