The following is from Twitter users BTuckerTorch & McGroves:

"Vince McMahon came out to challenge Cena, but Triple H stopped both him and Stephanie from getting in the ring. Not lying.

Kane went after Cena, Hunter didn't let it happen so Kane went for a chokeslam on Hunter, Orton came over and talked Kane down. Everyone went to the back and Cena chatted to the crowd.

Hunter came back out. Cena challenged him. Hunter started going, but Vince came back and caught HHH. Cena laughed and shouted at Vince, who took of his tie and jacket, but Steph came stopped him. The 3 then walked to the back, and Vince was doing the "Ole!" chant with his jacket on the stage."

Jay Mullen also sent in this report: I got more info from a friend who was at the show. Basically Cena challenged Orton to a Champion vs Champion match, Orton declined it. Kane attempted to go after Cena and Triple H kept stopping him and at one point Kane grabbed HHH by the throat, Orton calmed him down. They went to the back. Cena kept talking, HHH came back out and Cena taunted him saying lets see if you still got it, step into the ring, HHH started loosening his tie, took his jacket off and out came Vince to stop HHH. Cena started taunting Vince and Vince started doing the same with his tie and jacket..but returned to the stage and started doing the OLE thing with his jacked like Los Matadores.