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Wade Barrett
Stuart Alexander Bennett
  • Birthdate: 08/10/1980 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 246 Ib

Barrett won the first season of NXT in 2010 and...

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Wade Barrett has spoken at Wrestlemania Axxess on his injured elbow. Barrett is currently on the sidelines recovering from a partially dislocated elbow that he suffered in a Battle Royal on Raw last month. Barrett is expected to be out for as long as another 4 months.

Barrett told Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes, “I knew that literally the second it happened, this is bad, I’m going to need surgery, I’m going to be out for at least 4-5 months with this. I knew it was a bad one and possibly even more at the time, I thought the bone had broken. Fortunately, they hadn’t but I had some ligament damage.”

Speaking on the timing of the injury, Barrett said: “It would have been as frustrating for me if I got injured now, as it would have been if it was in 6 months time. The Wrestlemania thing is bad, but so is just being injured in general… It takes a couple of weeks to get over how down you are, but I’m on my way back up now.”

On whether or not the injury could have been prevented, Barrett said: “What happened with me was a freak accident… Accidents do happen, just like on a football field… There’s not a lot else we could have done to prevent this from happening, it was no-ones fault.”