Source: The Wrestling Observer

Thanks to Rob McCarron for this report:

Noteworthy: Um, nothing. It’s a recap show, afterall.

Undertaker Leaves the Arena

The first ever live WWE Raw Backstage Pass on WWE Network began where Raw left off, with Undertaker leaving the ringside area. Brock and Paul sold in the ring the dismay of Taker’s return. Josh Mathews was joined by Alex “Not good enough for Raw panels” Riley, Ric Flair, and Booker T.

Backstage, Renee Young was awaiting Brock Lesnar for a comment.

Back with the panel, Brock Lesnar was still down in the ring selling death from the chokeslam. Josh asked Booker about how Brock might be feeling. Booker wondered if Brock was hurt. HE’S STILL DOWN, BOOK. Bet it don’t feel too good, yo. Alex Riley, right on the money, said Brock is suffering from a broken spirit after such a night. Flair was just happy to be here.

Byron Saxton got reactions from Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods. They were thrilled with the show.

Brock finally made his way out of the arena, to his music, as the crowd was emptying out of the building now in droves.

Josh congratulated Booker on going over 1,000,000 Twitter followers tonight.

They replayed the Cena-Wyatt confrontation. Bray Wyatt tweeted, "The Golden Calf has been sent out to pasture. Can you still see him?"

Tom Phillips interviewed the WWE doctor about Cena's condition. He claimed that an MRI was warranted, but Cena was refusing. Flair praised the Wyatts for their actions.

Hulk Hogan with Renee Young

Renee Young interviewed Hulk Hogan. Hogan said it was so cool to finally be home, and asked what the world will do when Hulkamania runs wild on us.

Tom Phillips spoke with Kane backstage after his match. Kane had no reaction to his loss.

Josh asked the guys about Daniel Bryan vs Kane. Alex began speaking, but Josh cut him off because Renee had Brock backstage.

Except, she didn't have Brock backstage. He and Paul walked by her with no comment.

Riley is excellent on the panel here.

And that was it. Backstage Pass is over. The WWE Network's first day of live programming is complete!