-- After a couple of months of speculation, Beth Phoenix was written off WWE TV last night. Beth was "fired" by Vickie Guerrero after a match against AJ Lee. Beth lost via a quick roll-up and then Vickie re-started the match, which Beth then won. Afterward Vickie fired Beth for forcing her to restart the match so AJ could lose.

As previously reported, Beth gave notice a while back and will be helping Edge recover from neck surgery, which he will undergo in November.

-- Thanks to Chris Davidson of Pwtorch.com for this:

After RAW went off the air, WWE set up C.M. Punk vs. Ryback in the bonus main event for the live crowd.

Dark Main Event: Ryback beat WWE champion C.M. Punk via DQ; Punk retained the WWE Title. Punk played up injuries to try not to have the match. Ryback dominated Punk until Paul Heyman and then Punk's Survivor Series team got involved. Mick Foley's team made the save, then Ryback gave Punk Shell Shock to send the crowd home happy.