What Happened After RAW + Off-Air News & Notes


Credit: Jim H. & PWTorch.com

Upper deck is completely tarped off except for the first five rows or so across from the hard camera side. Lower level mostly full, except for a few empty seats on the hard camera side.

No dark match.

Striker and Stanford out for Superstars commentary.

Superstars SPOILERS 12/6

(1) Tensai beat Zack Ryder. Ryder was out first to a big pop; Tensai out to some boos. Tensai in control early as the crowd chanted for Ryder. Clothesline by Ryder sent them both over the top rope. Tensai back in control when they returned to the ring. Ryder mounted a brief comeback, but missed a splash and went over the top rope. More power moves by Tensai, then a resthold. Ryder blocked a suplex, Tensai went for a Swagger Bomb, but Ryder got his knees up. Tensai initially blocked a Broski boot, but Ryder nailed it from the apron with Tensai leaning against the middle rope. Ryder went for the Rough Ryder, but Tensai blocked it. He hits a Baldo Bomb and a rolling senton for the win.

(2) Brodus Clay (w/Cameron & Naomi) beat David Otunga. Hornswoggle was the special guest timekeeper, Great Khali was the special guest referee, and Natalya was the special guest commentator. A few minutes into the match, Rosa Mendes came down to ringside with a bouquet of flowers and started hitting Hornswoggle with it. Natalya left commentary and attacked her. They fought on the floor. While everyone was distracted by this, Otunga attacked the Funkasaurus from behind. It did not have much of an effect, as Clay won with a splash. Khali made the count from a standing position.

After the match, Funkasaurus, Cameron, Naomi, Hornswoggle, Natalya, Khali, and a bunch of kids all danced in the ring.

There was no dark match after the show went off the air. A bunch of refs and staff came out to tend to C.M. Punk, eventually dragging him out of the ring and helping him to the back after being powerbombed through a table by Ryback to end the show.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty decent show. It started off well, but began to drag about the time of the Sandow-Santino match. The Fatal Four-Way title match brought the crowd back to life and the show ended strong.

Biggest Pops:

– Cena

– Orton

– Ryback

– Sheamus

Vince McMahon

Biggest Heat:

– Vickie

– Heyman

– Punk

– The Shield

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