-- According to reports, Shane McMahon currently owns 1,541,224 shares of WWE stock, which is worth over $35 million. After selling a lot of stock over the past year, Stephanie McMahon reportedly owns 661,678 shares of WWE stock, which is worth more than $14 million.

-- Thanks to Chad Bromley for sending in the following off-air notes from last night's WWE RAW broadcast:

After this week's WWE RAW broadcast went off the air, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Cesaro remained in the ring.

Cesaro grabbed Dean Ambrose and spun him around nearly 30 times with his swing. Following this, Ambrose got up (dizzy) and ran into a Brogue from Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus then headed to the back.

As Ambrose got back to his feet for a second time, Cena and Bryan ran back to the ring and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on him. The fans then chanted "YES" as Cena walked to the back. With Daniel Bryan left in the ring with Ambrose, he hit a running knee and left Ambrose laying yet again.

Bryan then slapped hands with the fans and headed to the back. That did it for RAW from Denver, Colorado!