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Mike DeMora sent this one in: Sheamus, Ryback and Cena defeated The Shield by DQ. A typical dark match that lasted until Seth Rollins hit Ryback with a chair, although it was botched because Ryback acted like he didn't feel it. It was a dark match so it doesn't matter anyway. After the chair shot, the three faces performed their finishers to send the crowd home happy.

Jaryd More sent this one in:

The Crowd was packed to the rafters. There was no tarp up, so it definitely looked like a sellout. Cena received more boo's then cheers for sure. The crowd popped huge for The Rock. All the legends, especially Mick Foley and Bret Hart, received big pops. The opening segment with Undertaker was very exciting and again huge pop from the crowd.

Triple H also had a big reaction especially since he was not advertised. I'm not sure if it made TV but when Alberto Del Rio threw Jack Swagger into a ringside table it actually knocked a computer off and it looked like it was being taken away later. The crowd seemed to be flat especially with all the commercial breaks in between matches.

Overall, I enjoyed the first segment with Punk and Taker as well as the final segment with The Rock and John Cena. At least WWE did a better job on focusing on the WrestleMania feuds. The "boring" chants were becoming quite loud during the Miz and Barrett match. The crowd was somewhat flat for parts of the show but was very hot for the deserving segments and superstars.