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As we exclusively reported last weekend via, WWE sent out the a mass text message to their talent on Friday afternoon. The text message was in regards to JTG speaking up and reports that leaked about some mid-card WWE talents only receiving $500 per show for the recent Brazilian tour. In an update on this, the text message stated the following:

"There was an accounting error on the Brazil checks that we have rectified. You will be receiving a new check asap."

As noted, the text was sent out after JTG went on a Twitter rant, complaining about being misused by WWE. We exclusively reported last week that many talents were quietly praising JTG and A.W. for speaking up and saying what needed to be said. JTG speaking up has reportedly got him over with the locker room because a "low man" on the totem pole stood up to management and got everyone more money. As noted, many mid-card talents feel the exact same way JTG and A.W. feel but can't speak up because they know they'll likely be fired or have a ton of backstage heat.