Where Is Brian Kendrick?, ROH Time Change, & More


— Ring of Honor will not be broadcast during its normal 7 PM and 10 PM time slot due to the Sinclair owned My Network channel in Tampa securing the non-cable rights for Saturday night’s Dallas Cowboys versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The website for the channel says the show will air at 6:30 and 11:30 on December 17th.

— For those who always ask me about pay-per-view streams, I’ll throw this out there with the TNA Final Resolution PPV coming up tonight. We are not affiliated with this website at all but I use wsnlive.com. Basically you sign up for an account, make it ‘elite’ (it’s like $10 or something for the entire month – all PPVs) and you get a HQ Quality stream. It works every time for us and never skips. Again, we’re not affiliated with the site but I always get asked so here you go. It’s well worth it.

Shelly Martinez has published a video explaining why she loves Brian Kendrick. The former WWE Diva says she missed seeing him at a recent independent wrestling show, but that she plans on finding on him. Kacee Carlisle and Doink the Clown also appear in the video.

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