Who Is WWE Diva Emma Dating These Days?, A Photo Of Curt Hawkins & His New Fiancee


— Emma is currently dating William McNamee, a former WWE developmental
talent who appeared on NXT TV a few times. He was recently released by the
company. McNamee said the two are moving to Denver and posted photos of them
together on Facebook. He said: “I am so lucky to have this woman in my
life! Bahamas in 13 days and then we are moving to Denver!”

Curt Hawkins has posted a photo of himself with his new fiancée on
Instagram. He wrote: “Well, she said YES! I’m the luckiest guy in the
whole world. What an amazing night. @lizziekarch I’m gonna love you

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  • Partys Over Grandpa

    Nothing in denver but potheads and illegal aliens.

    • Hey don’t make it seem like potheads are a bad thing

      • Greg Phillips

        FUCK YEAH! Wanna light a joint with me, Batman?

        • Hell yeah, how do you expect the Dark Knight to rise without getting high.

    • Pete

      LOL! And corruption! It’s like LA, filled with assholes, but no beaches.

  • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

    Who’s dating Emma? Chef? Jimbo? Officer Barbrady? The 1996 Denver Broncos?

    • some wrestling fan

      The Babylonians!?

    • Mike Lient

      I love that you’re making South Park references and at the same time they are actually moving to Colorado. Touche

  • Spike

    Emma who?!?

    • Pete

      WWE’s EMMA, otherwise known as Tenille Dashwood.

      • Rodolfo “Roddy” Rodríguez

        Ohhh, Tenille Dashwood, I know her.

    • Partys Over Grandpa

      The woman who stole a phone case from walmart, got fired then rehired in same day.

      • license2breal

        She didn’t steal idiot! Look it up,that’s why they rehired her

        • Savior

          Technically, she did steal, they just said it was “unintentional”. The fact that you think you know otherwise is laughable.

  • I’m actually Superman

    I mean I’m used to the stupid question articles, but its usually storyline or Divas, in this case the latter, but WHYYY? did anyone ask who Emma is banging except for Mcmahon and P.S Hayes?

  • Focker, Out

    Wonder if he’s as good of a thief as she is.

  • Odinaka Amadi

    Damn. I always get beaten to the punch. Jk. I never stood a chance.

  • Flyin_Brian

    How cute. She stole his heart.

  • just_some_guy

    I hope Mark Henry crashes Hawkins’s wedding.

  • Thomas

    This stuff, like Curt Hawkins getting married, why does the whole world have to see it? This is what I don’t get about social media… This should be something for him and his future wife to enjoy, yet they have to be like everybody else and say “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” and post stuff on Social Media. I personally have never posted anything on Social media, I am not the type of person to scream LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME